Our extended family :
" Little Man "
We have enough love to pass along to all of our dogs but this one owns the biggest part of our hearts. For over 12 years he has  OWNED US !
"  Lizzy "
Lizzy has been part of our family since she was 3 years old. She is now over 11 years old, she has allways been a REAL sweetheart.
Has always hated the show ring, but a Champion in every way in our eyes.
"  Velvet"
We have had " Velvet " since she was a puppy. She has both of her AKC Major Wins. She is the Queen Bee here.
Velvet is now 5 years old.
"  Lilly"
Created August 12, 2008.
Mix Breed
This is Coy's Shadow and Truck dog. She is SUPER smart and a joy to own. ( and PLEASE do not laugh at her pretty ears, she WILL hear you ! )
"  Paco "
Long Coated Chihuahua
Paco is a darling little dog. Seen here saying his prayers once a day with Coy. He is 8 months old.
Oh WOW what can I say that these pictures don't say about this little Schip puppy. Can't wait to get her into the show ring ! She is pictured here at 8 weeks old
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